Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Price of Adult Services Index

June 13th, 2007

The cost of gas, this week has been driving down our Price of Adult Services Index (PASI)that had been holding steady, keeping pace with the Consumer Price Index's 3.6%. the average spread was has steadly shrunk to under $20.

Price of Adult Services Index (PASI):

$60 for Dental Visits or 15 minutes

$100 for Half Hour of Full Service

$150 for One Hour of Full Service

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Next Up for Review NOEMI

Noemi says: You will indeed find her to be a rather elegant, charming, well spoken as well as an articulate companion, with stunning honey brown bedroom eyes, long curly brown hair with a meticulously polished look from top to bottom. She is 5'7" with 36C breasts. Noemi's pictures captivate you and she touts she will likewise with passion and a warm nature that will make you feel at ease and fully relaxed within moments of being in her presence.

Her mission is to close our evening leaving you with a smile and an astounding memory that will last until you meet again.**1oo%percent real pictures** no bait & switch.

Well gentlemen we are going to find out if this is true.


Rating: (Pending)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Next Up for Review MIA

Mia says she is very good at what she does and we will be enjoying every minute of it. We are told also not to waist anytime in finding out just how good she is, so we must review this Asian treat.


Rating: ( Pending )

The Price of Adult Services Index

June 1st, 2007

Over the past 12 months, our Price of Adult Services Index (PASI) has been holding steady, keeping pace with the Consumer Price Index's 3.6%. On average you have a $20 spread

Price of Adult Services Index (PASI):

$60 - 80 for Dental Visits or 15 minutes

$100 - 125 for Half Hour of Full Service

$150 - 170 for One Hour of Full Service

Next Up for Review SPARKLE

We must review this sexy young lady by the name of Sparkle, Tasty, and she also goes by the name Mystry.


Rating: ( Pending )

Who is good on craigslist in NYC?

If a computer were programmed to review all the girls on craigslist, it might help us out. Maybe. Their are so many sexy girls on craigslist in NYC, but who really gives the good service that they tout in the adds and who is lying? That is why I created this blog to help out patrons from spending their cash foolishly.

The Hot List (June 1, 2007) is only the best of the best on craigslist that I made a effort to review and centered it on the Hot List, she is a head Turner, whose members look like magazine models and takes your phantasy to reality. When it comes to packaging, they have it prettily wrapped in what you like to see.

Good escorts understands the clientele that they serve. While the really great call girl ask apt questions (“If service calls are all, like, about in and out, why are there so many adds descriptions about no rushed visits?”), it’s clear that they want your business again or “that was great and thank you with the words,” although that is not really what they’re after. However in a customer service business it has more to do with charmed lives, blue skies and clientele satisfaction, satisfaction, satisfaction.

A girl just putting a add on the web whose mission is get some cash has to keep things festive and word of mouth good. Whether her pricing is $80 or $120 starting at the half it still will be about catering to the wishes of her customer, for it is an escapist story that comes with recipes and practically generates its own sea breeze of ideas that men have.

Part of the fine art of escorting is building a picturesque story and getting your central character right as desired by the patron. Some girls manage this more gracefully than others and those who don't need to work at it and the money will come.

See in the quest for a good candidate to visit and revisit, it is important to look as much as possible. Craigslist girls should be aware of what that is all about and make a effort to catch your eye with high quality pictures. Old and grainy pictures with bad lighting, is under minding their own business because this does not tempt men with an offer too touristy to refuse. How about a nice clean picture ladies? It may be “an impressive, if somewhat pedestrian, example of showing off,” but it also will bring the cash in. The alluring pictures help us make our mind up, crappy pictures don't or send us running.

Not all great escorts are upscale and keeping this in mind will usually get you more bang for your buck. In the midst of hilariously over priced adds are great gems to be found that have value and it might be a little off the road. We will have to travel to make this distinction on grand a scale. “Convince is — unofficially, of course — the official American mantra,”. “Probably not the officially official but most of us are not apt to travel or wait to long. That would be like meat loaf.

Please anyone who has enjoyed a great girl on craigslist, your are welcome to suggest a review. We also welcome the opportunity for a personal review from any escort on the craigslist that would like one.

We will update the Hot List as we have a chance...


This is Pocahontas my first impression of her was, "What great looking pics girl!" Just everything about her, the petiteness in her shape especially really made the action pop and made me take notice. She let me know right up front that it was all about me, so I just had to relax... It is just as a GFE should be, I have the impression that Pocahontas really puts an effort to make it all about the pleasing the customer, she wants you to be the star and put yourself in the place of the lucky guy that found a true treasure.

718-313-4423(not working)


Rating: $$$$